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Serving Excellent Coffee to Excellent People

I have been a coffee snob my entire life.  My earliest memories were sipping coffee with my grandpa in the breakfast nook in Livingston Montana at age 4.  I used a lot more sugar back then!  Coffee has always been a positive experience for me.  And I have always wanted to share that experience with others. 


I jumped at the opportunity when a kiosk came up for sale, fully equipped and ready to go.  I also knew that the people of East Helena needed a place for great coffee and friendly faces!  I had a friend with an empty lot and with a little help from a towing company and a flat bed truck, we moved into our space!  It was an exciting time in my life.  And a scary one too!  All I knew how to do was drink coffee! I had never used an espresso machine or steam wand and had no idea what the names of the parts were!  There was a huge learning curve but I learned everything I needed to make a great shot of espresso!


Since 2009 I have been serving the community of East Helena and LOVING every second of it.  I have hired a crew of wonderful young ladies to help me serve the best coffee in town.  It has been a great over all experience and one that I will continue to cherish. 

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